I am an Engr.

The largest contribution to the quality of the life that we enjoy today is made by engineers. Clean, safe water, efficient transport system, flood hazard control, waste management, seismic buildings, electric power generation and distribution scheme and so forth. Most of that, however, has been accommodation in virtual anonymity. We engineers -and only we- are to blame for this state of affairs. We have refused or neglected to take credit for these accomplishments. How do we recover?

The first step Do good work and then tell the world about it, making our stories exciting. Let the public visualize a world without engineering - “the ingenious ingredient”- so that our achievements are put in the proper prospective. A world without bridges, tall buildings, clean water, electricity, communication, rapid transportation. Then we should all visibly show pride in our profession by putting “Engr.” in front of our man names like some of our colleagues in Europe and Latin America.

The second step The compensation for our services has to be valued and performance based, not traded like a commodity. The best trained minds will not choose engineering consultancy if the compensation is not on a par with other learned professions, such as medicine.

Securing the future Let us step out the shadows of anonymity and exercise leadership in the challenges facing the world in the 21st century. We must become authoritative voices to plead the case for sustainability and prudent resources utilization. Let's quit talking to ourselves and communicate with those who can restore our image. But our voices will not be heard unless we step out of the crowd and up to the podium.

Will the invisible profession     please step     forward

(Engr. William D. Lewis, FIDIC President)